As a chiropractor, can you return with certified to do injectables?

For example-are you allowed to perform mesotherapy?

no. I'm a chiropractor and we are excluded to inject anything.
the only state that may possibly own more liberal laws is Oregon. You can deliver babies & do minor surgery nearby if you go to the chiropractic university there & ratify that state board. they may allow such procedures, but you have to own learned the procedure & own passed the state board & it may or may not be allowed there.
no other states allow such practices.
contained by fact various chiropractors would disagree in supposition with the perception of even practicing like that... but that's a together other can of worms.
In the State of California no you cannot be certified . I have be in other States and I hold never heard Chiropractors proposal inject ables .
Check with your State Board of Chiropractic Examiners to get hold of the information you need.

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