Broken teeh my dentist told me , pls abet?

Hi ya all ! one darkness i was have dinner and i chew on a peice of cold chicken it shock my teeth a bit and felt sour and than i thought zilch of it than i started to chew on my veggie and suddenly i felt a big pressure and relentless pain as it arise i had to split out my veggie and it hurted me adjectives night so i go to my dentist and he told me my number 19 teeth is broken .. and it require extraction and replacement of the teeth , i thought number 19 ) the 3rd Teeth from back lower teeh ) be a strong teeh .. what u guys think or any suggestion , thanks

Your tooth #19 is a tooth that have been surrounded by your mouth since you are 6 years old.

It is not singular to see 6-year molars break apart. Of all the teeth within your mouth, these are usually abused the most-- A lot of us just don't lift good diligence of our teeth when we were kids.

Anyway, if so much of the tooth have broken away or the break extends significantly below the gumline, then yes the simply option is to extract the unrestorable tooth.

After the tooth is extracted, it wishes to be replaced so the surrounding teeth won't drift into the gap and motive spaces to open up elsewhere. You call for to consider either a bridge or an drive in.

Hope this helps, and correct luck!
get bondings. I chipped a tooth skiing and I get it bonded.
Sounds like you weren't blessed beside strong teeth. I actually broke a tooth once ingestion salad. (Not on a crouton either, purely on a piece of lettuce).

Go get it fixed and own them check the others too.

If it is broken, it is broken, sorry. I already lost 6 teeth due to breakage from hollow teeth. It sucks. My front teeth are good though, not that I can chew next to them. Good luck. Take the pain killer before you take it pulled.
You probably did break your tooth. Sometimes tooth decay or a fracture surrounded by the tooth can be the cause. Its not atypical for teeth to break if they have sizeable fillings within them as well. Unfortunately, if the tooth have broken down badly near isn't a lot that can be done to amass the tooth and an extraction is most likely. The tooth cannot be not here broken as it can become infected. A replacement option could be a bridge (a false tooth connected to the nearby tooth), a partial denture or if you have the finances, a dental set in. Check out the web page below for some option. Good luck!
Yeah, molars are meant to be stronger, but they can become colourless or damaged a short time ago like any other tooth. I empathise beside your situation - it's so painful and expensive!
I enjoy had that ensue, but he was competent to put a crown on it. Maybe your tooth is abscessed or something and there is not ample tooth left to place a crown on. I would receive a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist to see it they thought it be savable before getting it pulled.

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