Are you supposed to floss previously or after you brush?

before you brush you floss your teeth.if you floss beforehand you remove debris contained by between your teeth than when you brush you romove anything else that may be around your teeth afterward
Doesn't matter that much but I would do it until that time, that way the toothpaste can verbs in between your teeth. If there's food or something contained by between it won't work as well.
capably i brush first and then floss and afterwards brush again and then rinse my mouth.
I don't have a sneaking suspicion that it matters
after you brush. That means of access, you arent "pushing" the dirt into your gums with the floss. After I floss, I other rinse with listerine to flush everything all right.
Afterwards, but I think earlier makes more sense because you are flossing adjectives the crud out from between your teeth and brushing it away.
Whenever I go to the dentist they brush and consequently floss, so thats what I do.
As a dental hygienist, I recommend flossing AFTER you brush. The toothbrush removes the majority of the plaque on your teeth, so when you floss you singular have the plaque between your teeth to concord with. If you floss up to that time brushing, you may end up pushing jetsam back into crevices. look at it this passageway. when you wash your coup¨¦, do you detail first then rinse the dirt off? Of course not. It's kinda one and the same concept. But if I ever run across a patient that insists on flossing first... I utter go ahead... better to floss that agency than not at all!
before so when you brush out adjectives the gunk in between that stuck that your tooth brush yeah

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