Any dentist plzzzzz!!?

how can we protect our teeth from girding and tooth decay and unpromising breath and cavity?
what type of food shud we use for the protection of our teeth and what kiinda food is harmful for our teeth..
u can recommend me any site

To answer ur question in lay down i would say
1. Get your self a hours of darkness guard to protect your teeth from grinding(stop stressing!)
2. To prevent decays, you have need of to do a better job near your home care, which includes bruising and flossing day by day.
3. Bad breath can be prevented by simply brushing your tongue when you brush ur teeth in the morning and swish your mouth next to mouth rinse. (Tic tack helps too!! J kid...but really it does)
And finally for your last question on what types of food you should eat or not, i would right to be heard the less sugary food the better for your teeth. However, if you are awfully good at your home meticulousness and get a regular check up( classification teeth cleaning), you should be ok to eat what you approaching.

I hope this would help and basically to let you know i am simply a dental hygiene student not a dentist yet^_^
Wear a gum shield, keep your mouth full of mouth clear up , and brush 8 times a day! thats what i do to hold my last tooth, the rest fell out cos i didnt brush!
They Dutch auction little plastic inserts now within the dental isle at most stores for teeth grinding now. It is small but covers the teeth and prevents and wear or cleave on them. Blush, floss, rinse after each time you munch through or at least 2 times a light of day to help from cavitys. Milk, food within high calium, and friuts and veggis to craft the body strong. The worst thing for teeth is not brushing after large acidy or sugary food including soda pop
It's not food that protects your teeth, it's BRUSHING and FLOSSING, after every meal [3 times a sunshine!]. Actually, eating between meal is very unpromising for teeth!

Go to the dentist for a checkup twice a year.

Don't depend on the internet to do what you should be doing for yourself.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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