Bleeding gums?

This is a sign of infection. Swelling, redness, and soreness are some other signs. It can be a chronic infection approaching Gingivitis/Periodontitis or a more severe acute infection like ANUG. That usually produces pus and even red and gray colors within the gums, and a very desperate smell.
If you haven't had your teeth cleaned and checked, to be exact the first thing to do. Be sure to use soft toothbrush and brush at lowest possible 2 minutes 2-3 times a day. Brush at an angle to the gums. Put the bristles where on earth the tooth and gum meet. Brush contained by a small circular motion. If the gums bleed, just hang on to doing this. Your goal is to attain them too stop. It could take several days. Flossing you do one time a daylight. Make a "c" shape with the floss so it can travel deeper into the gums then it would if you only just push it straight down between the teeth. Slide back and forth until you draw from down into the gums, then move more up and down up against respectively tooth. You won't be great at it if you haven't been doing it. Just save your fingers about an inch apart going down and coming vertebrae up to maintain a apt tension on the floss.
Bleeding gums for women could also relate to hormones. During menstruation or pregnancy.
unsuitable brushing and flossing technique may actually irritate or traumatize the gum tissue... you should probably use a soft bristle toothbrush and gargle near salt hose down... avoid alcohol-containing mouthwashes cause it may worsen it...
bleeding gums are one advanced symptoms of gum disease. disaster to treat this disease will lead to adjectives tooth loss and health problems. germs is the source of all this mouth infection and disease. to prevent gum disease progression try to say good oral supervision. proper brushing and flossing is a must. also try an oral health strictness product that is efficient in cleaning the mouth. i own tried one and it definitely works. try to go and get help and more information within this site

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