Are my teeth desperate?

Do I have an overbite? Are they straight? I'm taking rotten my braces soon, so I want some opinions.

beside the braces off, they will probably be better
no...! in recent times take a direction of doctor.
They look like they're coming along. They look straight so far. Make sure you don't miss any appointments because this will suspension them being removed.
some ill-behaved little bacteria have just hop out of my screen and on to my table and it's dance around naked..
The answer is one three memorandum word.
They dont look bad at adjectives. Once you get the braces rotten you will have stunning teeth! They are better than mine. Mine are a little crooked and I cannot afford braces.
they are fine
but... shouldn't the orthodontist resolve? if they are taking ur braces off, next they should know if they're ready...
Looks close to you need better homecare. Make sure you're brushing twice a light of day for two minutes each. YOU NEED TO FLOSS! You're gums are tremendously red and inflamed and flossing every once in awhile would be totally helpful!
Well I wouldnt fret. Your teeth can still use SOME work. But overall they look pretty nice and straight. Your overbite is som tiny thats it is almost completely gone. Just remember that you still own time. the dentist will probably tighten them once more. You'll be fine.

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