Braces just about to be taken bad..teeth still impossible?


tell ur dentist that ur not pleased and tell them what else u want done coz i get mine taken out last month but mine kept on askin me to bear a gd look and c if thier was anything i considered necessary to change.
it looks approaching there is an overbite still. Tell him you'd close to to keep them on longer.
purely make sure you brush brush brush! form sure you brush in bettween the teeth as much as you can. once you attain your braces off you could try a whitening entry
They look straight to me. You will be getting a retainer to both keep them surrounded by place and continue the straightening somewhat. Tell your orthodontist what you're still low about and see what he or your dentist can do.
Same here, when I get my braces off he asked me if I like my teeth. I think your teeth are fine but if your not pleased just tolerate him or her know and maybe something can be worked out.
No, I don't judge your teeth are bad they look comparatively straight. I'm about to own mine took off as in good health (29th August) Can't wait!! lol

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