After 9 years of not wearing my Orthodontic Retainer my teeth are shifting...serve!?

I started wearing braces 12 years ago. After two years of treatment I was given a retainer and told after six months I merely needed to wear it at night. After around a year and a half I stopped wearing it. Now, roughly 9 years later my teeth hold started shifting. It isn't something that is distinct but it feels different and I don't want to tolerate it get to a point where on earth I need to move about through the whole braces point all over again. I pulled out my antiquated retainers and cleaned them tonight and tried to put them on but they would not fit at all. What is the cost of have new molds taken and unknown retainers made? Is it necessary or am I only just being for a while too vain? Thanks for your answers I look forward to hearing them! Oh and a touch more information if it helps... I have braces to make room for molars not to straighten severely crooked teeth or a horrible bite problem.

As your molars come in things may enjoy started to shift a little, this is typical, however if you dont want to start over again you need to return with to the orthodontist and have another one made and wear it every hours of darkness for the rest of your life. Teeth will other move. Plus it is recommended to have them used to at least once a year to stay tight and keep hold of their form. New retainers can cost anywhere from 200-400 dollars depending on what you get. Your not vain, you know what it is approaching to have to wear the braces and surely you dont want that time and money to be in motion down the drains..
maybe because they involve medical help. Good luck beside u and ur teeth
ewww i have equal damn problem

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