Are your teeth suppose to hurt so discouraging you can't chew?

I just get my braces like 2 days ago.My teeth are really bothering me.I really chew.So I be wondering if I'm suppose to be in stomach-ache like this and for how long?

Teeth hold ligaments around each one of them, and when a force is applied close to your braces are putting on them they are going to ache, only just like a sore muscle would. Also approaching a sore muscle it should subside in a few days. Try some ibuprofen and stick to soft foods until they perceive better, This will happen every time you enjoy them tightened or wires changed and it's a good article, it means they are moving, so fatefully you will have to live beside it!
ya u will experience pain, some of my friends couldn't put away chips and other stuff. it will eventually die down
It was similar to that for me. I could only put away soft foods for the first few days. Take some pain relievers and drink soft food or soup until the pain is tolerable.

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