Braces or no?

Ok here's the deal... i a short time ago turned 17 and my parents finally got the bright model that i need braces... immediately the thing is i'm almost to be a senior in giant school and i dont really want braces my first years surrounded by college. i know that it will pay stale in the fall and my confidence will boost but i cant decide... i finally become OK will my teeth but i know i would be sooooo much happier in a few years if i have that beautiful all-american smile... what should i do? should i turn for the braces and get it over beside?? i think thats what i'm preference towards... help PLEASE!

If you enjoy the chance to do it very soon, go for it! My son is 17 and he is freshly now getting braces, too. He is THRILLED...he have wanted them for a'll love the lapse result and the sooner it's started, the sooner you'll be done with them.
yes specifically get braces. you will be sooo indebted, and if you get them in a minute, you don't have to settle for them!
Now just find a reallly honest orthodontist
it will be better to get it done and over beside now i bet other relatives will have them too
do it in a minute b/c if you put it off you will NEVER do it. I did it at 24 and I wish I had done it sooner.

I don`t know you don't have to stir with braces...what nearly invisalign? it's a clear retainer that works just approaching braces. people can't see them well and you can take them out if you beyond doubt have to. rather pricier than braces, but WELL worth it. check out the website.
braces r ok a lot of ppl surrounded by college have them.
clear braces are a appropriate option
or u could loaf to get out of college and return with clear ones then...

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