Do Spacers/Braces hurt?

I am 14 year old and i am getting my spacers within on monday and braces in on friday. What should i expect from respectively? (pain, foods i cant eat, etc.)

Well i get my braces on when i was 14 and I'm gettin them sour in august

Spacers freshly cause discomfort for a couple of days its not to bleak

Braces when you get them on they will grounds discomfort and also hurt for the first couple days when you get them on but after two or three adjustment you ll gain a tolerance for them adjustments and twinge

What i did was i asked for this little chew entry and i would chew on that for a hour or two cause it loosened up the teeth making it easier for them to move beside less anguish also drink something cold to numb it if it gets bleak

but so far i think the braces are worth the strain cause it really doesn't hurt as much as folks say it does

also for the first year or two you might want to stick to foos like outmeal or bond things that dont really need much chewing make happen its goin to be a little bleeding closing your mouth to chew but youll be able to drink normal again after a couple of days

You will be sore for a few days or more, so avoid complicated crunchy foods at the start. The inside of your cheeks/lips might get a touch raw from the brackets on your teeth, your mouth will stipulation to get in synch to the new appliances you own in your mouth. Your orthodontist may provide you some wax if your braces are really irritating you at times.
I JUST GOT MINE OFF! Well i did not have spacers BUT yes braces do hurt contained by a very strange way. The inside past its sell-by date your tooth kills resembling it aches its enormously odd throbbing and when u shut ure mouth it KILLS! just dont rub your tongue on them cse after ure tongue gets scraped up and kill, but the outcome of braces is amazing and worth every bit of pain. For food i ate everything one and the same, just resembling for apples you have to cut things down. And Sugar free gum is a dream it keep your braces very verbs REMBEMBER SUGAR FREE!
I don't know about spacers (I didn't inevitability them.)

However, braces stay sore for a few days and it's hard to devour many things. You'll own to eat softer foods for a while, but it won't lug to long for you to be able to munch through your normal foods again. I have braces for 3 years and I ate pretty much everything, so you should be ok with almost any food. I wouldn't suggest you chew a great deal of gum though, it gets stuck contained by between the wires.

I would imagine spacers to be nearly the same, but I'm not sure roughly speaking that.
OMG! ok i just get my spacers in yesterday and your teeth are going to be really sore. Just bear some tylonl and you will be fine! And as for the food, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, smoothies

And i cant aid u much with the getting mine on surrounded by 3 days : ]]
when i got my spacers contained by it hurt like hell because my teeth be so close. i couldn't eat anything but soggy rice crispies for just about a week. finally the pain go away. the braces aren't to bad, but you will hurt a short time after each ajustment and you will have need of dental wax to put over the brackets incase you get blisters from them. and some times they dont cut the telecommunication close enough to the group and then you own a wire poking you surrounded by the back of your cheek, but you can put wax over that till you can shift back and enjoy them cut it down more. then after your teeth are adjectives pretty and straight they will take pilers and merely pull the brackets and band off your teeth. consequently they take a drill and drill the cement past its sell-by date your teeth. the whole experiance wasn't fun but i would do it again. my teeth are so nice in a minute and it got rid of the headache i was have at the time. oh but when you are about 18 you will involve to make sure to take your wisdom teeth verbs so as not to mess up all the work.
after the first couple days yes but you carry use to them
well braces hurted alot, especially the will be raw for 3-5 cant eat frozen food, crunchy food, and chewy food, if you wanna eat hard/crunchy food you hold to cut it into small pieces or boil it so it'll be soft...Good Luck!
Spacers hurt like hell... Braces quality like a torture device... I have to have spacers for two weeks... I get braces on Tuesday... Baked potatoes are great... chili from Steak N Shake is good too... Milkshakes... coffee... soup...
Didn't enjoy to have spacers. However braces will be sore for the first few days, you will find it knotty to eat masses foods. Stick to soft foods that don't require much chewing and you should be fine. After those few days you'll be fine and will get used to braces enormously quickly, trust me. The backache isn't a shap unbearable affliction, a few painkillers will take away the majority of it.

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