Are my suitability teeth the source of my cramp?

I have TMJ, but it have been treated a year ago beside an injection to move the disk in my chin back into place. My chin hasn't been a problem since next but now it is starting to hurt again. This time, the backache is located at the very same integrated and the area where on earth my wisdom teeth are. It doesn't hurt when I am not using my jowl, but when i eat, near is a slight stabbing/sharp pain. I'm wondering if my prudence teeth can affect my jaw or bring the TMJ to come back and first, can someone tell me if it is my teachings teeth or my TJM that is cause the pains. Thanks.

Answers:    its not the teeth

you need to hold your gums removed
just take them pulled either course. its really not that bad. i purely got mine pulled out closing month.

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