18 months 1 partial tooth!!?

my daughter is now 18 months and one and only has a bit white point of a tooth at the back of her top gum, but within the front her lower gum, you can see white things like teeth prints..they look similar to the outlines of the teeth on the front of her lower gum, but nothing showing to the top of it to indicate that teeth are coming out. Has anyone ever hear of that before? I am really getting worried...thanx

What you could see want not be new teeth apearing but the mouth bone.
it MAY BE a disease called gum hyperplastic (too much gum), it inhibits the growth of babe tooth

go to the dentist and MAYBE he'll disect the gum a moment or two so the teeth will grow well

I don`t know there's other causes also

juz dance to the dentist asap
Find a good pediatric dentist for a consultation. She should enjoy most of her teeth erupted by now. The lower front ones are the first to erupt followed by the front top teeth, usually around six months antiquated. She needs a dental call round soon to determine what's going on. Good luck!
Yes, this is normal. The gums may swell over the teeth several times before coming through adjectives the way. It take time. Don't worry, she'll be fine.

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