Any orthodontists... Rubber Bands and Braces press...?

ok so i went to the ortho just about a few weeks ago and the ortho told me to wear bands simply on one side from the farthest hook stern on the top row of teeth and attach it to the closest hook to the opening of my mouth on the bottom row of my teeth.

the ortho told me i have an underbite but it feels similar to all the band are doing are pushing my jaw backwards instead of forwards to align beside my top teeth.. was he mistaken by unfolding me where to put the band?

i'm scared that adjectives i am doing is damaging the alignment of where on earth my top row and bottom row are supposed to be.

If you have an underbite it scheme your bottom teeth are sticking out too far, so your jaw should get the impression like it's moving rear legs.

I had an overbite and my band were worn from the closest hook at the top row of teeth, attatched to the most distant hook on the bottom row of teeth.

Seems like it's okay to me (but I'm no dentist) you should telephone your ortho's office if you are concerned.

****If you own an overbite then I would def donate the office a send for tomorrow or as soon as you i said, i'm no dentist but that doesn't sound right at adjectives!****
They are trained professionals, so it shouldn't be a mistake. But just contained by case, phone the orthodontist, and explain to them your concern, and if needed, go contained by to check. It's better to be safe than sorry.
telephone call him and ask! It's better to be safe than sorry, bc if you're doing it backwards, you may enjoy to wear the rubberbands the other way for longer!
If you doubt him, telephone the office and manufacture a quick appointment to recheck the group placements
If he says duplicate thing, ask him exactly how the placement will give support to your teeth

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