Bleeding within the gums?

First i thought it was something small.....
But its presently almost three months since it started and its just getting worse......
I hold tried calcium tablets, Mouthwash, Anti-bacterial tooth paste....
Am worried that it is a serious disease and can capture worse if i dont seek a desntist's give a hand?

Your gum is unhealthy. That's why it bleeds. Depending on it's condition and the surgery could be as simple as ABC or a big operation. I suggest to be in motion for a check up. After all, why spend so much money on buying products that we don't know if it really helps(or even worsens it) instead of going for a dentist that will distribute you the accurate steps to do.
The possible causes of bleeding gums:
Dental conditions
Poor dental hygiene
Gum disease
Trench mouth
Poorly fitting dentures
Bleeding disorders
Dry mouth
Vitamin not as much as
Certain medications
Any condition that cause bleeding
symptoms or bruising easily
Bacterial infection
Viral infection
Periodontal disease
Poor oral hygiene
Dental caries
Blood dyscrasias
Aplastic anaemia
Neoplastic infiltration
Von Willebrand's disease
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
Henoch-Sch"olein purpura
Mercury poisoning
Phosphorus poisoning
Arsenic poisoning
Lead poisoning
Rough teeth brushing
Chewing food
Ulcerative gingivitis
Actue leukemia
Cytotoxic chemotherapy
Herpes simplex
Herpes varicella-zoster
Epstein-Barr virugingovostomatitss
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Mucous membrane pemphygoid
Bullous erythema multiforme
Epidermolysis bullosa
Lichen planus
Squamous cell carcinoma
Capillary hemangioma (type of Angioma)
Cavernous hemangioma (type of Angioma)
Fibrous epulis
Denture granuloma
Pyogenic granuloma
Giant-cell epulis

You may requirement a diagnosis before you can find a treatment opportunity.
you might not be brushing your teeth well plenty. or you aren't getting enough vitamin C. i know you enjoy been taking the calcium tablets but they a short time ago aren't good substitutes to the nutritious and succulent and mandatory fruits!

if it still bleeds talk to your dentist or doctor
own you tried taking vitamin C? see a doctor to check if you have a bleeding/clotting disorder. see your dentist to see if you own gingivitis or periodontitis.
You need a vast cleaning you need to build an appointment with your dentist also they are going to give an account you that you have to floss on a daily basis. They may also prescribe antibiotics
Are you taking any medications? Some drugs (like warfarin/Coumadin) can effect you to bleed more easily. If you do pinch them, talk to your MD (but do NOT stop them on your own).
Severe dental problems start surrounded by simple bad cavity, bleeding or strange stomach-ache on one of your teeth but if left untreated, it could threaten your vigour and worst could kill you. Before it's too belatedly, get dental vigour care advices and solutions at and free yourself from the danger of dental problems.
see a periodontist...quick!

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