*** mouth ulcer suggestion ***?

Hi :)

I have have this anoying & painful mouth ulcer for 2 weeks now.
It's located on/under the tongue and gums.
2 Days ago I go to the Dr. and he diagnosed it as Aphthous Stomatitis. I think it's getting worse. I tried this Oracort E cream but it's easier said than done to target the many aphthas. I also started using mouth wash & WARM (?) salty dampen. It is not suggested to consume salty food, so how is aromatic water flawless? I am not sure if it is helpful since it stings and make the white sores more noticeable.

What are some perfect suggestions to help cure this problem?

I am desperate & depressed... also I enjoy read that 2 weeks should have fixed the problem...

Also how do I know its not herpes?
What is the difference between herpes and Aphthas?

I am not surrounded by USA so try to give a international drug.

Thanks for your help

Aloe Vera Juice...hang on to it in your mouth on the sore in the order of two min or more then spit...next drink two tbspoons in some liquid to each light of day...it will go away..and sooth the aching quick
Usually it recede in 2 weeks, but sometimes due to stress, and difficulty ingestion, more ulcers are created. Try reducing the stress, some OTC ointment may be available which give transient relief. From http://aches.in/mouthulcer.html...
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