Anyone here that have used invisalign braces?

How much more costly are they compared to 'standard' braces?
Does it work on crowded teeth? How did you find the treatment? Do you think it's more comfortable than standard braces?
I deem i have to receive braces, but I'm 25 and I don't want to have a mouth full of metal at my age...
Any extra information or personal inference and experience on this is greatly appreciated.

My uncle has Invisialign. They cost $3,500 for him, but they could cost up to $5,000, depending on your teeth. He say that they work great for him; the only drawback is that you enjoy to take them out when you devour and then brush your teeth. It one and only takes going on for six months for him, for the whole process, since he get new retainers every two weeks. Good luck!
Well if your teeth are pretty crowded, you probably won't know how to get them. They with the sole purpose work on teeth that aren't very fruitless at all from what my orthodontist told me.
I am 25 as ably and have have my braces for about 9 months. I didn't want a mouth full of metal any.still don't. But after a couple months it's not a big deal. If you enjoy messed up teeth, which I'm assuming you do, wouldn't you rather family see you with metal contained by your mouth instead of messed up teeth? That's my thought process. Plus it's only 2 years out of your go. I would like to receive them out already (because they look straight to me) but I will just concordat with it close to a big girl. Anyway, as for invisalign, it is a couple thousand more. Maybe only 1k more. My ortho wouldn't bear a payment plan for invisalign because you can stop treatment whenever you expect your teeth are straight enough. So I would ask something like that.

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