Braces? Help!?

I'm getting braces August 2nd. I want to be able to hold my teeth perfect past during and after I get my braces. How can I brush my teeth better? I want to hold pearly white teeth what toothpaste should I use? How can I get into the habbit of brushing my teeth? What color should I bring?

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You necessitate to buy a WaterPik Cleaning Kit or an electric toothbrush. The key to not have any problems is to brush or rinse with sea immediately after consumption or drinking. You have to do this adjectives the time. I used the WaterPik when I had braces and when they come off, my teeth be perfect.
Just use your commonplace tooth paste but you should brush your teeth for 5 min and budge around the braces and on top of the braces too save for that you othodontist will give you some tips on how to brush and floss your teeth better.
the dentist will present you all the info you inevitability. the most important item you need to do is when they are will be alittle sore for awhile and will hold to eat soft foods. when you do devour you need to brush after every suppertime and also floss. that is VERY earth-shattering! if you dont your gums will become inflamed and very sore and bleed,also you will obtain white spots on your teeth when they come off and you won't be capable of do anything about it but hold cosmetic dentistry work later on. accurate luck hon.. oh, as far as the color of the bands, depends what you similar to, also the color of your hair and you can hold the colors changed at every appt if you want.

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