Braces and elastics [rubber bands]?

I have have braces since September 2006. In March 2007, I got my first set of rubber band. The first two nights be horrible. I got conceivably 4 hours of sleep at most! I had a sharp aching that went within and out with one of my rear molars on only one side of my mouth [not both!] The subsequent month they made me put the rubber bands surrounded by a square shape, but it was fine because my mouth be used to the rubber bands. I get them taken off contained by May 2007, but only to own them put back on at the terminate of June 2007 [three days ago] I got 4 hours of sleep ultimate night because of a dull and achey strain in one of my backbone molars [only one again!] It hurts a lot, and am wondering if adjectives of this is normal? I've be taking tylenol and motrin on and off [take one, cart the other two hours later, cart the first one, take the second one two hours latter, etc...] The medicine help, but it is still aching.
Anything else I can do? and is this ordinary??

Yeah this is completely normal. Mine used to hurt every time i have the elastics on as well. I customarily just took painkillers and ate soft foods. Its not unproblematic having Braces but your teeth will be okay nice at the end!
yea it hurts(its normal)... hope you have a feeling better
i have have braces since i was 9, and i am just 11. this may not help. but its cuz ur cable is pinching your gums, and cheeks, it's normal, ask ur orthadontist 4 some tooth wax, that what mine other give me.
Yes, it is common. Just be sure to take your drug on a regular basis - EVERY 4 hours similar to clock work. Also, how much are you taking? You should be taking at least 600mg-800mg. Tylenol is usually 200mg a piece. So, run 3 of them. Yes, it is safe. That is what the doctor would grant you, if you had prescription-strength tylenol. Just receive sure it says 200 mg on the bottle.
yea, it's totally typical.. i had to stir through headgear before braces, and i've have rubber bands too, so consider yourself lucky! try takign advil, it help me a little.. try asking your doctor for a sleep pill prescription, it may craft you too tired to stay awake, even if you are in twinge. remember, sleep is your best friend, no pain!
Yes, the stomach-ache is normal to own with those darn rubber band, I hated them too & go through the same entry as you when I wore braces for 5 years. You can call your Orthodontics & ask him what else can you do to get yourself comfortable enough to sleep at hours of darkness? He might change the rubber band around to ease the torment. GOOD LUCK!
I went through in the order of the same piece. I got my braces bad a few days ago. Its best to deal next to it and get your braces past its sell-by date sooner right? You probably don't want your braces on for a long time. Take medicine back bed and if you wake up transport more as the dose age allows.
Sorry you are experiencing the pain, but mixing tylenol and motrin will do more mar to your liver than the elastics give you backache. Please pick one med and stick with it. Next, if you requirement something soothing, get some oragel - it works and will numb your teeth and gums. it does work, and you will necessitate to reapply about every hour, but it is worth it.
first rotten all i've be through that pain and im sorry! resourcefully its normal. theirs not much you can do but when you hold to wear rubberbands never take them rotten for long periods of time, because when you put them on they will brand name your mouth sore again every time you do that. unfortunately i know that from experience. The suitable news is that the misery should wear off soon. i hope this help = )

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