Bibs at the dentist?

Do dentist still uses rubber bibs instead of paper. The justification I asked is because i just have a shirt stained because of somthing leaking throught the quality newspaper bib. or can i request one, One of my friends rembers wearing a long rubber apron at the dentist when he was a kid

I am a certified dental assistant and I also do the order in our bureau. Not all long-suffering bibs have a plastic facing on the back. I own mistakenly ordered bibs with no facing and stuff can leak through. i presently am very hard-working to order the bibs beside the lining and these do not allow anything to trickle through. Make sure to ask your dentist next time to use a bib next to a plastic lining.
the with the sole purpose long rubber apron i remember from the dentist is the xray covers as long as i can remember for my dentists have other used paper bibs near plastic on the back
The long "rubber" aprons are truly lead-lined and are used to protect you during x-rays. The best solution is to wear an old shirt that you don't watchfulness about when you call on the dentist.
Most likely it didn't ooze through because there is a plastic bin liner on all bibs now. The bib probably just slide down and we own lots of splatter during a cleaning. Ask the hygienist if she could use a cloth towel around your neckline to avoid uncap areas of your shirt from getting soiled..or take your own and ask her to wrap it around the collar. If the spot is blood use peroxide to loosen the spot before wash it. Anything else should wash right out.

The towel is something extra besides the forgiving bib she uses by the

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