Bad breath..gross?

why does my brothers mouth smell like a cat took a solid duty **** in his mouth? i give attention to he brushes his teeth..not too sure though.

i literally laughed noticeably. tell him to brush his teeth ew
A few things I don`t know the cause.

1. Gingivitis

2. Brushing

3. Flossing

He should see a doctor for this. IF it is Gingivitis, he will entail tips on how to care for his teeth.

Even tho he brushes, he may necessitate to brush often ( at smallest 3 times a day ) and longer ( up to 5 minutes )

A brush will lone get particle that are around the tooth, if he is not Flossing, then he is not getting the particle that are in-between the teeth and this could be cause his ' smell '.

It is best to floss after each time he eat.

Brushing alone will not do the trick.
This is for his own health. Tooth Decay is Nothing to play around.
Not solitary will neglect of teeth effect bad breath, but your digestive enzymes can also do this if you don't enjoy enough perfect enzymes in your system.

If your brother would embezzle a NATURAL enzyme 3 or 4 times a day (get at any vigour food store like GNC), it will not lone help near the bad breath, but also beside a gassy stomach from eating trustworthy foods like hambergers.

He should travel to a quality dentist, and to an herbologist nutritionist.
ask him to c a dentist
hahaha ur stingy!!..

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