Can accidentally nearby can be a hole surrounded by the ear drum while taking out tooth from the lower cheek running out?

actually my mother get a tooth picked out from the mouth an then after some time blood started coming out from ear.when she complained to the doctor who took the teeth out he said that nought has happen when when she consulted a ear specialist he said that a hole was made while taking out teeth from the mouthnow a satchel is going on in the consumer court against the dental doctor so i have need of proof that ear and mouth are connected.PLS HELP ME ITS URGENT

I'm not sure why the "ear specialist" would say a hole within the eardrum was made during a tooth extraction. It defy human anatomy. A tooth sitting on the lower jaw is separated from the ear by roughly 3 inches of solid muscle and bone. A dentist or oral surgeon doesn't go anywhere practical the ear during a lower-jaw extraction.

If I were you, I'd nick your mother to a board-certified ENT doctor at a teaching hospital for a proper evaluation and treatment.
i enjoy never heard of such a piece happening
do you hold the paperwork from the place where you get the tooth taken. some sort of follow up care sheet near the business on it. an # to call surrounded by case of doesn`t matter what, anything??

google- are ear and mouth connected?, and see what comes up.get another drs judgment outside of the area . correct luck and hope your mom feels better, i'm sure sure that have to hurt.
Well, the mouth isn't connected to the ear, but the throat is, through the eustachian tubes. The only course I could see this happening is if somehow nouns was forced through the eustachian tubes at big enough pressure to rupture the eardrum, which is unlikely.
no randomness, according to anatomy there is a roadway between your middle ear and throat by eustachian tube, the opening of this tube surrounded by the throat is far away from teeth moreover ear drum is between externalear and middle ear so no chance of piercing ear drum while removing tooth unless u directly hit it from external ear
here is no evidence that ear and tooth are connected. you can not prove it in the court of statute on this. you can file a satchel for damage to ear during dental treatment. you should enjoy taken video or photo of that by your mobile or digital cam. Your ear specialist should give pass that the damage to ear is because of dental treatment.
The lower mouth and the ear drum are not inter connected. Besides no dentist would ever commit such a glaring mistake.
I suggest that you take a second assessment from another senior ENT surgeon and then assume of proceeding ahead in the consumer court.
Best Wishes.
no destiny
It's possible. but first, was it her molar? and be the hole in the ear drum on like peas in a pod side as the tooth?

the gums could have get infected. the infection could have spread through her eustachian tube to her ears cause perhaps an "acute suppurative otitis media". or it could own been blood bourne. this could own caused her ear drum to break and bleed.

its funny you didn't mention your mother have a fever because asom is associated next to ear pain and hallucination. hope it works out. but i doubt your dentist can be sued unless he didn't prescribe antibiotics.
To the best of my knowledge no physical nouns.But it may de due to damage of nerves.The mouth,throat and feeler
area are very well connected with the ear near nerves and muscles.Any boil on the tongue causes ear stomach-ache.It is always better to rob a second opinion from a ear specialist

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