Braces stomach-ache?

i just get braces, im going on my 3rd day and i still cant chew, is this conventional, if it is how much longer before i can get through solid foods again? if not what can i do roughly speaking it?

This is totally normal. you should be capable of eat somewhat as a rule in a few days. Take some ibuprofen for very soon, though.
don't worry, this is mundane.

you'll be able to devour solid foods soon, maybe try drinking semi-solid foods or cold solid foods. try taking tylonel or advil be fore meals, or numb your teeth near some sort of oral painkiller. i use vick's brand (u purely spray it on your teeth) and there's also oragel (i think that's what it's call, u just rub it on your teeth,). oragel works better, but it made me be in motion LOONEY!!

Good luck, and remeber, it will b worth it 1 day!!
i have a feeling your pain!! i enjoy to get my bottom braces on tomorrow!
hav u used wax on them motivation that should help alot but i devise its normal.
depending on how discouraging your teeth are and the wires and such, it could be a couple more days. I would keep to the soft foods and pilfer over the counter medications similar to tynol and if its really sore put and oral gel onto it. Your mouth just desires to get use to the braces and the movement. Ive have my braces for almost 2 years, and I've had adjectives sorts of funny contraptions, it takes for a time while to get use to them but eventually you will be fine.

Braces can and do hurt. They're worth the discomfort. But you're right in examination whether they should be causing you this much discomfort.

Problem is, it's impossible to quantify your pain from what you enunciate. I SUSPECT everything is okay, but I can't say that for consistent. This is partly because I hold no idea what sensitive of braces you got.

When I get braces, they were metal band put around my teeth. The orthodontist had to spread the teeth to achieve them on. That HURT. They had little projections forward on which he wrapped wires to verbs the teeth around. THAT hurt TOO. And the wires cut up the inside of my lips. THAT probably hurt the worst.

Nowadays, they sometimes paste things directly to your teeth, so you miss the spreading part. But the yank around that braces give the teeth is bound to hurt.

The orthodontist should enjoy given you printed information about your braces. If so, read it and resolve whether the pain seem more than described. If so, ASK YOUR ORTHODONTIST about it.

Now I said that braces are worth it. Why? Well, it seem that "good looking" teeth are also wholesome teeth. You need top and bottom teeth surrounded by opposition, or you'll lose teeth. If teeth become seedy - infected gums, etc., which CAN be partly due to poorly alligned teeth - it can organize to other health troubles. Would you believe that desperate teeth can lead to a impossible heart and shorter life? Makes you surmise, doesn't it.

So, a little niggle now may net you MUCH happier and healthier surrounded by the long run.

By the way, the solution may be as simple as taking a touch aspirin or other medication recommended by your orthodontist.
If you start to chew solid foods now, it will surface better sooner! But just som experience from someone who had braces for a long time, smoothies will become your best friend! Good Luck!
Yes, this is run of the mill. It's OK....
i know the pain.
you will be capable of eat middle-of-the-road again soon.
Good luck! :)
i dont have em but most of my friends do and its totally conventional and after havin them for a while will make you consistency better
yes it is normal and you will be capable of eat solid foods contained by about a week but you call for to rinse with brackish water and help yourself to asprin for the discomfort
The length of time will differ for everyone. Everyone has a different cramp threshold.

For what its worth, the pain last 5 days for me. The average is about a week.

Give it a bit of more, you are almost over the worst sector about braces.

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