After I find Invisalign; how frequent x-rays will i pinch during the time that i wear them?

I just want to know if you purloin any x-rays during the time that you have Invisalign or braces. I know that you cart them before you procure Invisalign; which i already did. But i want to know if you have to lug any during the treatment. and if so how often do you own to do this? i want to know because i am getting my ears pierced really soon and i know you cant have jewelry on when they lift the x-rays and i wont be able to cart the earrings out until after they heal. so it might create some problems.

so if you enjoy any information please let me know.

the modern x beam to emit like peas in a pod radiation of the tv when you start on,the metal jewelry interfered with the x stream
First of all, Juicy, possibly you should read some of the answers already given to the multiple postings of this same question.

Once again: in attendance is no reason to run x-rays during the time you are in treatment next to Invisalign, other than individual cavity detecting x-rays you thieve at check-ups. No reason to remove earrings for those.

Now, run read a little and stop posting!

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