Anybody own crooked teeth? anybody hold braces?

im just wondering..because it seem like everyone have straight teeth..and i dont. like everyone is my university has or have them...

I didn't get braces until in arrears in illustrious school. They come off back college although I new some who even have they on then. I don't focus it really matters when you enjoy them. If you are unhappy near your teeth, get braces. But monitor out because they can be expensive.
I had crooked teeth, and I have braces but I just get them taken off and my teeth are very soon straight.
do you plan to gett braces?

if you do but you just don't know when and you deduce its taking too long its probably because your teeth took longer to develop thats what happened to me...i be late losing them so they sped up the processes and pulled 10 of my teeth

so i hold braces right now and sick be getting them off contained by about 5 months
I own straight teeth. But that's what 3 years of braces does. Before that, my teeth were pretty bleak.
i used to have crooked teeth.
and i get braces about two years ago.
i still own them but im getting them off formerly school.
i abominate them.
but i guess i would rather enjoy them than crooked teeth.
at least im getting them stale soon. =]
I had braces for one year when I be about 13. I go pretty fast and they be perfectly straight. Unfortunately, my orthodontist, for some unknown common sense, decided that my knowledge teeth would have satisfactory space to grow. Of course, they didn't, so now they aren't really straight anymore, and the front two at the bottom are a bit crooked (it's also my imperfection, I admit: I wait too late to hold them removed!). I'm planning on getting braces, not because it's not aesthetic, but because it's not comfortable to brush.

I'm 27, nearly 28, and I don't care if folks think braces are gross or not! I'll still get them.
I have braces and so did everyone I knew who needed them. I have the clear plastic ones.

My niece didn't want them before she get them, but was forced by her parents. She is soo glad she have them. Now that she has best teeth.

There are a ton of choices now for straightening your teeth. You can progress to a discount clinic and get metal braces. The metal ones work newly fine. Or you can get plastic or invisible ones. There are even braces that are put on astern the teeth that don't show.

Whatever type you get, the result is worth it. People go-between you by your teeth. They shouldn't but they do.

Straight teeth equals better health, more date and better job opportunity.

Talk to your parents and tell them you want braces. If money is a problem, you can contribute to get a summer assignment to help settle for it.

The Cat Lady
I have them very soon and they really help

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