How long did you enjoy spacers?

I just get spacers, and i dont get them out until another MONTH!
How long did you enjoy them.

They are just starting to hurt close to crazy...

Hey Hermione!! I had them within for two weeks and I thought I was going to die. They hurt similar to Crucio!! They actually hurt worse than braces for me. Cheers!
ohh thaat stinks!! i have mine for two days (when i was getting braces. i would feel that the spacers would fall out contained by a month, but im not sure

if it hurts get a cup of crushed rime and kind of suck on that..or chew it...

sometimes mine would even stay surrounded by longer than that! yeah i think they start idea better after about two weeks. i dont really remember
i have them a little over a week but i with the sole purpose needed then close to 6 or 7days and don't worry, the torment doesn't last over a couple days
i sooo remember tht! :] i get my braces a month ago but i had mine for 3 weeks.they did hurt and i played near them alot..hah. good luckk <3
I have mine put in a month ago.
My dentist freshly took them out
two days ago and then put surrounded by a
new set. I own to have these surrounded by
untill August 1st and then I obtain my
braces on August 15th. They
really do hurt, I feel your torment.

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