Anyone have sedation dentistry?

I know it is not unusual to be afraid of the dentist but I haven't gone in 7 years and I know I entail lots of work(did I mention I am 27). How much does sedation dentistry typically cost(insurance will cover normal work but not the sedation) and can they fix everything? I am thinking would be 3 hours worth of work.

First stale they will not do all the work the first time they will do it contained by a few appointments.Call and find out get informed i thought my insurance wasnt going to cover sedation but it did it covered give or take a few $500 for sedation plus treatment.If your dental insurance doesnt cover sedation then I don`t know your health insurance will.
Twilight Sleep be great. Hard to say what it will cost you, different practices enjoy various rates. They will fix as much as they can, but not everything can be done surrounded by 1 visit.

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