Bad Breath?? at Night time!?

I would say this is embarassing, but i guess i'd fairly ask people online that i dont know afterwards admit this to someone i do. =/
But my boyfriend and I own been together for over 2 years..
when its belated at night something like after 10... my breath gets impossible and he wont kiss me.. ive tried everything..
brushing my tongue, mouthwash, and different types of toothpaste. He says it doesn't give support to!!
It's horrible!!

Well I seem to enjoy the same problem as you and from my experiences (may differ for you), I've brought the discouraging breath to one source. I used to have braces, and still own some of the really nasty epoxy resin stuck on some of my teeth. Perhaps if you had any orthopedic work done on you, this may be your basis. If not, I would perhaps guess that it may be a biological occurence that you can't do much roughly.
jeez, your boyfriend is being freshly a little cruel as well as insensitive dontcha feel?

You've pointed out specifically that he has the problem beside your breath "after 10"...what about the rest of the daylight or evening?

You might very economically be suffering from a case of halitosis and a discussion next to your dentist might be in demand. Oral conditions associated with halitosis can usually be determined by guarded oral examination. Common conditions include dental caries (cavities), other dental or gingival conditions, or simply poor dental hygiene.

Is in that any medication you take single late surrounded by the evening, say formerly you go to bed? It's possible this could be drying up your saliva contributing or certainly causing the condition you describe.

Here are a few links on the subject of bad breath/halitosis...
Bad breath may be due to denial of saliva, keep your mouth hydrated adjectives the time. From
you must sill continue what you are doing and afterwards you must threw plenty gum that will help but where on earth i are from , they will say you entail a clean out, that method your body is dirty on the inside, so try using magnesha or chect the grocery and you will find something, magnesha is not only for constipation but is use to verbs dirtiness within your body.
Is your breath okay prior to 10:00? If so, you should follow doesn`t matter what ritual you perform within the morning. I would also try brushing right after every meal or snack in recent times to keep your breath on the right track. (Also stay away from garlic and onions. ) Try it and see what happen. GOOD LUCK!
put some gum under your tounge !
Have you tried a tongue scraper? These remove adjectives the gunk on your tongue that brushing your tongue wont...also use Breath can get it at Ulta...last forever...they have an entire stripe of products from gum, mouthwash, floss, toothpaste that I worship and although a bit pricy worth its weight!

If you are flossing, scrape, brushing, you might have something going on within your stomach? Acid reflux? After you try all that you may want to stir see a doctor...hth
my advice is to aim advice from a doctor or dentist on what cause your bad breath. i a moment ago think that your impossible breath can be caused by some malady that you seem not to know. assert oral hygiene and for more help concerning bad breath please do check out this courteous link this will really facilitate you in seeking the most forceful cure for chronic bad breath.

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