Why do gums bleed if you don't floss regularly and next floss?

Gingivitis means inflammation of the gingiva aka your GUMS. When you do not floss microbes builds up under your gumline (below crown of tooth). If you floss CONSISTENTLY for give or take a few 5 to 7 days the bleeding will stop because you have reversed gingivitis.
SO floss day by day. Now that I floss nightly my gums do not bleed at all and I enjoy reduce the amount of calculus (aka tartar/ sturdy deposit) developing on my teeth. Therefore making my teeth and gums healthier and cleaner.
you enjoy gingivitis.
because not flossing makes your gums half-hearted, they aren't use to the flossing because you don't do it regularly, also its possible you are flossing to harshly. Why wouldn't you floss regularly...its honourable for your gums...healthy gums are considerable for keeping your teeth in your mouth where on earth they belong. Make it a habit from presently on! Shame on you for not flossing!
Because when you don't floss the bacteria that form plaque catch organized and start doing a number on your gums right below the gum line. It singular takes 24 hrs for them to bring back organized to do some damage and for them to bring in hard plaque that can lone be removed by scraping.

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