Are ultrasonic toothbrushes worth the money you retribution for them?

There is obviously a difference of view among dentists as well as the common public.My dentist recommended one to me and it has made a great difference .It is alike one I bought five years ago(I change the head regularly),and it is a Braun.My teeth are much cleaner but more importantly it has halt my receding gums.My dentist explained that it is the rhythm and circular motion that stimulates the gums and makes them well again thus helping to prevent tooth decay.However powerfully you brush your teeth manually it will not achieve equal results.By the way you can go and get them much cheaper than lb100.Alot of supermarkets have them for as little as lb20 and they are without blemish adequate.Buy them for children too.
No impression!
However, I did recently see an advert for an ultrasonic studs cleaner, so it aint just teeth!
My dentist said they are.. and while I be shopping for them I had a nice woman tell me that they are worth the money! ( But, I'm still like a cat on hot bricks about spending 100.00 for a toothbrush!) Good luck!
I right to be heard! Boy do they give a right clean. Never get use to the sensation of using it though, always be aware of like retching when I verbs my back teeth.
Well to be honest, they are not better than run of the mill manual toothbrushes. They be originally made for handicaps and ppl with set physical ability because they couldnt brush their teeth okay. SO the question is: how resourcefully do you brush your teeth? Do you remove plaque from all areas? If so, consequently the manual toothbrush is ample for you, provided you use it properly. But if your not a great brusher, then I'd recommend you recompense a little extra for the ultrasonic one because you'd pick up money for the dental treatment you'd need due to poor brushing.
Yer mines really polite -my teeth r really clean and i smoke! I wouldnt suggest you buy a Braun one though the battery start to not be able to hold a clothed charge after about a year
No, and neither are those tooth whitening kit either. A right toothbrush & toothpaste are more than sufficient.
They are definately worth the money! I recently bought a Sonicare becuase i used to work beside a dentist and it works wonders. My boyfriend has a permanant retainer on the back of his teeth and they used to have seriously of staining and inflammation of the gums. And that toothbrush not only get rid of the inflammated gums but cut the staining to practically nothing!! I hope u choose to draw from a Sonicare...I promise you wont be disappointed. After you are done brushing your teeth feel as smooth as chalice!
My dentist and orthodontist said they were appropriate to have. I love mine.
As near any type of toothbrush - it all comes down to technique. So it doesn't situation if you have a really expensive ultrasonic toothbrush or an prehistoric fashioned toothbrush - if you spend three minutes concentrating on every surface of every tooth - the plaque will be removed. High tech toothbrushes don't guarantee perfect oral hygiene. As a Dental Nurse & Oral Health Educator, I use a sensodine 3.5 toothbrush (no gimics - of late good technique) So do the dentists and hygenists I work next to.
I have a Sonicare, and I significantly recommend it! It makes your teeth get the impression so clean, and my gums are in good health. It takes a bit while to get used to the shuddering, but I really like mine. I tried going wager on to a regular one- nowhere close to feeling as verbs!

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