Awkard stains. Weird explination.?

I have have stains on my front 2 teeth since they have come in. I brush my teeth more than 3 times a light of day. I asked my dentist why this was, and they mention I could own been on antibiotics when they be growing in. But, still is at hand anything I can do to make them pearly white again?

Unfortunatly, if you be taking antibiotics such as tetracycline when you were immature it does cause a sort of banding on teeth. Also, if you didnt attain enough calcium when your teeth be growing in it can end in them to have "white-ish" stains on them. Sorry, but within is nothing you can do to build them back to the bearing their supposed to be unless you get veneer or crowns :( Sometimes if you try whitening them it can help remove the colour them up, but that wont make them budge away! Sorry for the bad communication!
Crest Whitening strips worked fast for me & I used them twice a daylight. Before those were market, I mixed up a paste using peroxide & baking soda, brushed next to it just b4 brushing near my Crest whitening toothpaste. This advice sounds resembling a commercial, I know, but there's no commissions in it for me, in recent times telling you what worked for me! LOL! Also, if you can stand the drink of lemons, hold a crecent shaped slice between your lips & teeth while you're relaxing, watching tv or on your puter, once or twice a afternoon.

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