Braces pains?

okay well i get my braces on yesterday and about 2 hours after they HURT! so i took agony medicine which didn't really lend a hand and i tried to sleep. today they still hurt but not as much. will they really hurt like closing night again or own i gotten over the worst part so far? and i hold a dance friday will i know how to have fun or are my teeth still going to hurt? and ending of all what can i do to lighten the pain?

I have braces for three years. You will probably have more aching eventually because they change the wires once surrounded by a while and it tightens everything a hell of a lot. but to assuage the pain use motrin tylonal or advil (n e type of ib profin) they really do support but it takes a while and usually one doesnt cut it ( i usually took 2) but you will probably be okay for the spring, jsut take some anguish medicine
advil advil advil!
You purely got your braces on and honestly nearby is nothing that can bring that pain away. Your mouth is going to be surrounded by pain for a few days and its going to whip time for you to get use too. Trust me i know, i have braces for 5 years.
You should definitely hold on to taking pain killer. And you should also chew on something. That will help your mouth to stop hurting faster. Also, at your hop, you might feel some agony, but most of the pain should hold gone away.

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