Are you supposed to wear rubber band (for braces) when you run to bed??

I just get rubber bands the other time, and I remember them telling me to bring them out when I eat something, but I can't remember if I'm supposed to wear them at hours of darkness or not.sorry for my dumb question, I purely want to be sure!

the more you wear them the sooner you get your braces rotten! i would double mine up and wear them all the time bar eating a brushing, I couldn't stand braces so i did anything i could to get them rotten! They will prolly hurt alot to double them.. but i dont have nerves within some of my teeth, and im able to withstand
sure, no problem to wear them while you sleeping.
its with the sole purpose whne you eat and even later i think it more for your comfort..kinda difficult to shive adjectives the food between them:)
You are supposed to definately wear them at night. The lone time you are supposed to remove them is when you are eating or brushing your teeth.
Yes I have to wear them all the time except when ingestion.
Yeah you should wear them when you go to bed. Only embezzle them out when you eat because it is charitable of difficult to eat near them in. You don't even realize you are wearing them when you sleep.

Hope this help =>

Good Luck!
yes yes yes
you need to wear them to bed because if you dont that method you have nearly 8-12 hours without them and wearing hem wont be beneficial at adjectives

you are supposed to take them out when you brush your teeth and guzzle

also the more you wear them the sooner you get them bad so wear them as much as you can!!

any more questions newly email me
ive had so much stuff done to my mouth that you wont
believe it
in good health good luck!

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