Major sound out going on for teeth...?

If i wear the thin retainer that you draw from after wearing braces...will it be ok to wear it all light of day long? After i got my braces rotten i neglected wearing the retainer because i was babyish and stupid. Now i have a slight outlet between my two front teeth. I am asking if it will come together if i wear the retainer all the time, and if if will eventually stay closed?

Your mouth have changed shape now...using the outmoded retainer won't work. You may need braces again. Call a dentist.
i dont judge that it will work
dont wear it all the time, a short time ago wear it at night because thats when your teeth are most probable to move around. i had braces and still wear a retainer, i skiped a few days and they go apart but they went hindmost together.
i dont think so bc a retainer is made to hold your teeth the way they are
Retainer would lend a hand but you will need a modern one if you havent worn it in a while.

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