Braces color?!?

ok i have to carry braces and i dont no wat color to get i required to get clear but i heared they lose color or somthin approaching that and i wanted to get hold of white but i heared it staines easly so what color should i get impose i dont want to crazy colors like blue red green sickly and all that? please relieve what do you think i should procure

you should have fun next to your braces! dont get boring colors! have an idea that of your braces as an accessory! white and clear probably do stain. i havent have white and clear but i've read that they do. i have have braces for a month and i got frothy blue&light pink. they are great colors together, and they are not crazy colors. but i think you should use cute colors. and if you dont close to a color that you get, dont verbs, you only own to deal beside it for about a month. correct luck with the braces! =D
achieve plain black braces
i say blue...
I would bring silver or pink... lol i cant believe I'm 23 and answering this question...oooh or possibly gold... I swear I'm not lame
Lol...You rely too much on what others enunciate. Get the colors of the rainbow. ;]
I have braces and i usually contest the color to the holiday like on valentines daylight i got pink and red and what they read aloud about white staining ,ts true
I opt for threatening colors, like flotilla, plum, or forest green. They look really good, I return with alot of compliments.

Either way, you can coppers the color every month, so it's okay to take a risk :).

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