A tooth is growing within above my other tooth!?

ok so my tooth , it's a baby one and its 3 away from my front teeth, and i lately noticed that there's an full-grown tooth growing in above it , out of my gums?!its not growing up or out or anything , but it looks really unexpected!?? what do i do and is this normal?! please relief


Hi dont verbs this is perfectly average. Your adult tooth is coming through, usually they come through straight and push the kid tooth out, but in some cases, especially when your teeth are crowded, they willl come through contained by the position as you have described. Your tot tooth will either come out on its own, near a little abet of wiggling and wobbling from you, or you may call for it extracted by your dentist, but is a very straight forward procedure done lower than a topical anaesthetic gel if requested. Once the baby tooth have gone the adult tooth will any push its way into the correct position if here is room, or if there is no room you may require orthodontic treatment (braces) when you are elder to help align your teeth and provide you a nice smile. Hope this is of help, nil to worry nearly you are perfectly middle-of-the-road.
You need to see the dentist and he will probably verbs the baby tooth so the current one can come in properly. I have that happen years ago.
See a dentist.
This is a frequent occurance.

You should see a dentist to be sure nearby is room for all your fully developed teeth.
yep its normal.but trade name sure the dentist knows
You want to pull the kid tooth or see a dentist first so it can grow in usually and roperly, hopefully you'll get it within time to let it grow surrounded by normally.
it method your family never took you to a dentist. some relations this happens to. find more info at www.medlineplus.gov some those have to enjoy all babies pulled out and permit the adults in. you may own jaw problems because of it.
It's fine. It's not uncharacteristic or anything. Just go to the dentist and they will relay you what needs to be done to fix it. I have the same problem but later I was getting my braces (after the child tooth fell out) and they were competent to move down the tooth and its fine now. So don't verbs.
pull out your babe-in-arms tooth geeky

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