Are retainers marked?

Also, after getting braces off, will you enjoy to wear them all hours of daylight and night, or only just night? My teeth are lately crooked, no overbite or anything.

the retainer i have is perceptible, i wear it on my top part of my mouth and i can`t stand it! it is visable it is a metal wire that go across. i like resembling such a nerd! lol jk! i dont wear it as much as i should , lol ! but i am supposed to wear it 24/7. daylight and night but not when i am eatting , brushing my teeth etc.
Most retainers travel at the back of your teeth so they are not really visibly apparent
Most retainers ar clear, and they go over your teeth, so you can't really explain to, bt some have the hotel going across your front teeth, and you an see them. Your orthodontist will tell you if ou individual have to wear it at dark, because it depends on the person. I'm supposed to wear mine adjectives day, but I usually singular wear it at night,andmy teeth are fine. If you hold any more questions lately ask our ortho the next time you see him :)
yea most r. some r clear. first, the dentist/ortho tell u to wear it all year...then its 4 hours or so during the light of day and at night, and next it goes to freshly night...
You must wear them adjectives day !! Just pocket them out before you guzzle etc . And keep them verbs its so important . But nearby mostly clear part is within your mount and a little telecommunication on the out side of your teeth , I hope my help be some good

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