When someone have have a tooth pulled, how do they know when it's completely heal?

When can they eat regularly in need extra precaution (fried chicken, cold ice cream, typical day after day meals)?

When can they drink alcohol?

When is it safe to brush the teeth subsequent to the tooth that was pulled?

etc etc.

Any guidance would be great! Thank you!

It's completely healed when it stops notion "raw" and sore. After 3 days, you can eat regular foods. Avoid alcohol and any aspirin containing meds to prevent bleeding. Especially if you are taking discomfort meds! It'll slow down clotting.
its fully healed when the gum get really hard kinda similar to a bone.. i just chewed on the other side...drinking is ok... brush insubstantially.. use extra germ killer
when the gum doesnt surface sensitive u can do whatever u wanna do and that take @ least 4 days 4 me if ur far-sighted u can brush next 2 that spot the subsequent day hope i help!!

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