Anyone who's gone through Invisalign?

I went to the orthodontist to have a chat about straightening my teeth. I am not surrounded by my teens so I didn't really want braces. He said that Invisalign would work great for me. He said that it'd take roughly a year to completely straighten both top and bottom(at first I was individual planning on doing the top teeth, but while they're at it, they can take strictness of the bottom as well.) And the cost is almost $3000.

For those who've had Invisalign or are going through it, how is it? Painful? Are those trays a valid pain contained by the butt to manage? Can society notice you've get them in? Can you drink marine with them surrounded by?(I'm constantly drinking water throughout the day)

i enjoy invisalign right now! its single painful when you put a modern tray in because your teeth will start moving so when you do start a current tray i would suggest puttin it in for the first time past you go to bed and pocket a tylenol so miss most of the pain. They arent that intricate to manage, at first they are sensitive of hard to take out, but its not too bad. also when you pocket them out u might have food residue so rinse them bad or even brush them with tooth soft mass and everything. after you eat if you chew some gum for a minute to draw from them food between your teeth out then put the invisalign contained by, you wont have to accord with haing food within your tray. most people wont catch sight of when you have them within, but some ppl will notice that ur teeth look extra shiny for the first couple of days you hold a new tray within. also at first it will take some time to revise how to talk near them, like you wont nouns completely different, but it does feel for a moment different with them contained by. you can drink what ever you want with them within, just think twice of drinks that are bright colors(like cool aid). if you drink something that is red afterwards it may stain your tray just somewhat bit, but if you do it accidentally then freshly wash them sour and they should be fine, just dont take home it a habit. i hope this be helpful and flawless luck with ur invisalign!
i enjoy invisalign right now and am truly on my last set as we speak. dude im 24 and no means of access in hell be i going to get metal braces. i get them and they were fine. they hurt for possibly a few days everytime you put in a tentative set dude and thats it. remembering to take them out to drink is annoying at first but it becomes second quality after you do it alot. im glad i did it man it was resourcefully worth it. cleaning is a snap, just buy some lil cleaning tablets for them and drop it contained by water for roughly 15 mins and your done. yea u can drink water beside them no problem there man. not a soul noticed mine man untill i told them in the region of it. you will see when you have them what works best for you.

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