im getting braces july 17 thats like within 10 days so im kind of retiring, i was jst wondering when u carry braces && when u get them past its sell-by date does ur mouth structure change similar to it ur jaw different or something?

all right im not really sure but im getting them on the 23rd of july! so im right with ya!

im exited coz my teeth looks indisputable bad... but i dont mind them... sorry this probably isnt a suitable answer to your question

capably having braces moves the teeth around slowly and eventually straightens them

but if you own like band or headgear then that moves around the cheek... i think braces also do this a bit too...

i hope i help coz i tried! =D

good luck next to the braces!
mhmm it does but you dont feel I enjoy braces and my bottom jaw moved deeply but i didnt feel it, it didnt hurt and you cant really see
Yes it moves teeth and your jaws alter on the inside, not on the outside. Except if you have an over or beneath bite, then it will.
The mouth structure change, but only highly gradually. From
Don't be retiring about getting your braces on. There is undeniably no pain when you return with them on. I don't know if you mouth structure changes when yo seize your braces off because I still hold mine on.

Well good luck!!

Hope this help =>

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