I have a tooth full up yesterday...?

and today it hurts like hell, i cant devour on that side of my mouth...is that normal?

As a dentist myself I can assure you that depending on how big the satisfying was and how close to the brass neck that your dentist had to drill will determine how much strain can be expected. Also the type of filling have an impact; composite or tooth colored fillings will usually hold some pain and sensitivity for a couple days up to a couple weeks, be as a silver amalgam filling take less retrieval time. Try taking Ibuprofen for pain, this will also lend a hand with any inflammation... a cold compress also works capably to numb the area. If the agony continues or becomes worse consider giving your dentist a telephone to see what him/her thinks in the region of the situation.
yes i got 1 pulled and it hurt
yes lt is middle-of-the-road. my husband gets his teeth chock-a-block all the time. l only wouldn`t try to eat anything using that side where on earth you had your tooth chock-full

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