Brush near baking soda doomed to failure for you?

My friend said that brushing your teeth with baking soda is actaully one of the worse things folks do because it strips the tooth enamel and makes teeth more sensitive and prone to other adjectives problems. I told her that many recipe call for baking soda so how desperate could it be for you.

Have you ever heard of such entry?

Your friend is correct. Brushing with and intake are two totally different things. If you really think in the order of it only a massively small amount of baking soda is put into mixes. So in every piece of enunciate cake, you are eating a tiny bit of baking soda.
Brushing your teeth next to over the counter baking soda is too gritty for your teeth and can destroy the enamel of your teeth.
If you approaching baking soda buy toothpaste that has it surrounded by it. Like arm & Hammer toothpaste. Those have be specially formulated to be safe for enamel.
I've see toothpaste containing baking soda in the shops, so can't be adjectives that bad.
Baking soda is fine for brushing your teeth. It is a inborn product and will not remove the enamel. The one thing you enjoy to watch out for is the sodium content if you are on a sodium restricted diet. You can also rinse your mouth next to a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide after you brush your teeth. Keep smiling ...your teeth won't crash down out.
PS If bleaching your teeth with a chemical is ok for your teeth next why would baking soda be harmful?
once a week is not unpromising for you. it can actually be used as an coarse to help removes stains to serve whiten teeth.

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