Braces? --Read--?

(okay, ionno ive asked this a couple times but i want to see what people suggest different about what my grill, okay??)

Help me!!
-Read Below-

ok, can somebody tell me these question?
cuz i really need to know them for subsequently, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

1. what colors look best? do they change the wires?

3. how long do they hurt when they adaptation the wire?

(last) 4. make a contribution me certain network sites to look at about that!

Thanx, please answer adjectives of them!

Thanx again,

My daughter just get braces yesterday. I told her to take a clear as crystal braces. She didn't listen and what she did she listen to her friends and got a color. Now she is upset because she realize that colors show alot and she should hold gotten a see-through one. I suggest you obtain a see-through braces so you don't regret it!
Pain: Her mouth is swollen and she hasn't be eating much. I own to give her alot of gooey and soft food. She is under pain-killers and have been contained by bed alot. But from what the doctor said she will be like this for 2-3 weeks.After that she will acquire use to it.
Wires: I don't know how they change it. My daughter have wires and rubber band. The rubber band are the ones that move your teeth into place.

Advise: Be happy because once it is over, you will look great!
braces are particularly painful i have them four years but the pain is worth it you will hold perfect teeth
1 i'd read aloud black/silver
2 they just clip the lead and slide a new one surrounded by (no pain AT ALL)
3 mabey similar to around 2-4 hrs
4 umm mabey just your ortho's site,red,blue are adjectives good(black is ok too i guess)[NEVER:yellow,green,or orange(looks approaching plac or something yeck!)]
hey..i had them a few years ago, so agree to me think.....1) dont obtain yellow cuz it looks approaching food is stuck(i tried yellow, its my fave color), attain blue or purple. red is nice but reminds me of blood on my teeth. 2) i think they only slowly side them out, and add a shorter one, hurts alittle cuz they are making ur teeth move but in attendance are definitely worse pains contained by life..simply take tylenol. 3)it hurts for the first few days and later u get used to it. u in recent times have to chomp through soft foods. 4) sorry, dont know sites, just look on google.
I may not hold the teeth in ma mouth lil missy but i dun report ya what lil jack next door have them dare metal in his chewer and he dun have the clear braces

maself if i dun have them dare metal teeth idd own clear or white tell ya what

how they dun tweaking the wires is about equal as they dun dare fiddle ma truck next to the brake lines simply unhook those dune dare elastics and the dun dare wire simply falls out resembling ma teeth!

dun changing the wires dont hurt relay ya what lil jack says they of late dun feel tight resembling ma truck on the highway YEEEEHAAAAWW
1. what colors look best?

blue or black i think
not pale or red do they change the wires?

they pinch of the colored elastics and then snip the flex and then they newly pull it out and put a exotic one in

3. how long do they hurt when they modify the wire?

a time or two , but it dont hurt if you take few paracetamols

4. supply me certain pattern sites to look at about that!
dint work out :S

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