A question for Dentists? I am having my two front crowns done again for the 3rd time and?

I want to make sure they are done absolutely right this time. It is getting awfully expensive and time consuming. What can I do or say to the dentist to make sure they are done right? Also he is going to make me temporaries to wear for a week and then I am supposed to tell him what I want different about them before he has the lab make the real ones. Is this the normal procedure?

Wearing temporaries for a week or so is an excellent may to see if you like the shape of the teeth. When the lab processes the permanent crowns they will match the contour and shape of the temporaries. Also, if you are doing the 2 front teeth you may want to consider having LAVA crowns (porcelain fuse to zirconium) made. They are very aesthetic and look very natural vs the traditional crown which is porcelain fused to metal (PFM). However they cost a bit more. Hope this helps

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