Bleedding gums, impulsive symptom of HIV infection?

I had a low risk exposure and after 2 months enjoy bleeding gums, ie in the morning when i spit i see blood mixed near saliva and after 4 to 5 spits the blood stops.
Is this just a bleeding gum problem or a untimely symptom of HIV infection ( after the low risk exposure I had buoyant fever, headache and yeast close to infection on my genitals which is gone now).
I got tested for HIV after 3 weeks of exposure beside negative results

It's probably not a symptom of HIV infection. It sounds more close to a symptom of gingivitis. Easily bleeding gums is more a long-term symptom of HIV/AIDS. If you are under a great deal of stress, you could be neglecting your oral hygiene which will contribute to gingivitis. I wouldn't pilfer that as a sign of HIV infection, but you should still follow up again with an HIV interview because the one at 3 weeks could have be a false negative (if they recommend you bring tested again later). It doesn't sound resembling you got HIV, but you should find tested just so that you go and get some piece of mind.
I don't know, but i would get tested again, in recent times in travel case.
I would suggest seeing the dentist, but make sure to inform him of your possible exposure so that they can protect themselves suitably. If you have the blood after you brush, more than promising you have gum disease, which you and your dentist can plan to treat at home. Since you have a low-risk exposure, I would get tested every so repeatedly to make sure. Also, this is basically a suggestion and I am not trying to sound miserable when I say this..Be for a time more careful going on for who you sleep with and use a condom. That's what they are made for, at tiniest to help protect against it. Also, you might want to check out some info on the internet on a reputable site around HIV. This might help you take in what the symptoms are and how long it takes to attain a positive if infected. Please dont take me as have it in mind, but use your head for something bar a hat rack.
You may enjoy gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gums due to plaque not being properly removed. Its thoroughly common and is slickly treated. Brush and floss every day and probably use a mouthwash. Listerine or Savacol. Follow the instructions on the back. Get a regular check up & ascend and clean at your dentist - be sure to recount them of your medical history - they wont treat you differently but it gives them an model of the type of infections to look out for in your mouth! Its also a biddable idea to go and get those blood tests repeated over the subsequent year or so. It's excellent that the results showed negative but here is a long latent time for the HIV virus. Good luck and be well!
Bleeding gums is usually cause by a periodontal disease. I would suggest going to the dentist would be a wise entry to do. When was the ultimate time you had a check up and dental cleaning? Usually 2x a year is appropriate. Most dental insurance plans pays for this look in at 100% rate if you have it. However, please check the website below how to lug care of your teeth and gums. I hope you be aware of beter soon!
The signs to look for with HIV and the oral cavity are the following:

Xerostomia - dry mouth

Candidasis - yeast infection (usually on tongue or palate)

Oral unshorn leukoplakia - white patches that do not wipe away (these are different from the cheek bite results along the inside cheek)

Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis - the gingival papillae (pointed area between the teeth) begin to slough and ulcerize

Linear gingival erythema - 2-3 mm bright red band along the gumline

Blisters (herpes) and apthous ulcer are common, too.

HIV typically shows up roughly 3 months after exposure. I'm not sure how low risk your exposure to it was. Also, bleeding gums could be related to other things such as stout plaque and tartar buildup, diabetes, etc. Be on the undisruptive side and see your dentist. You can also keep a check for the symptoms down above and go vertebrae to have another question paper completed in going on for 2 1/2 months. Hope it comes back glum :) Until then, cart care of yourself and take care.
There is a condition called HIV Gingivitis. My suggestion is to get tested for HIV again and consult your dentist for a treatment plan.
sorry to hear that you be exposed I'm sure that was really alarming although I seriously doubt that your gum bleeding problem is due to HIV ! sounds like a simple casing of gingivitis which is gum disease which can easily be treated! you inevitability to see your regular Dentist or a Periodontist which is a gum specialist also flossing 3 times a day if your gum disease is a mild defence that could clear it up in in the region of a month or so at first your gums will be sore but gargle with melt salt wet and keep flossing your gums will toughin up!! right luck
i think you should floss more commonly sounds like some gum disease

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