Abscessed tooth .top front tooth.?

it feels resembling someone hit me hard contained by the face.i cant shift to doctor till thursday. any suggestions on what to do for this.someone said hot then cold compress

NUPRIN! myself and others i enjoy recommended it too look iin disbelief when i saw -- it works. i had a chef who didn't believe me and took tylenol. when that didn't backing - he came and said - fine i'll try it. i have him take 2 (you can whip up to 4 as it would be 800 miligrams) and within the 20-30 minutes i told him to alot earlier taking the third - he called me and be floored!! he then bought a bottle. it also saw me through an abscess that i have to wiat two weeks to get fixed!
Might nouns stupid..but, get a bottle of sea, open it up..and suck on the top - something roughly speaking it helps.
Take Advil or Motrin. You can also try cold compresses. Don't do hot.
As a dentist I HIGHLY recommend that you stay away from using warmth, this can cause the bacterial infection to worsen and spread to other areas of the body via the bloodstream. You will entail to be placed on antibiotics to kill the infection contained by your tooth/gums and your dentist will probably prescribe you some type of pain medication. If the discomfort is severe you may want to consider calling to get an emergency appointment or embezzle a trip to your local ER as an abscess is a very serious problem that can be vicious if left untreated. Try taking Motrin (Ibuprofen) for spasm, this will also help next to inflammation. Also do use the cold compresses, they will help numb the nouns and reduce any swelling and rinse your mouth several times a morning with reheat salty hose or a mixture of 50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Good luck and I hope you are response better soon!

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