Any dentists out within? Whats the best oral attention?

Ive just bought some duraphat toothpate from my dentist but i be just wondering which is the best mouthwash to buy?

any mouth dry-clean with flouride contained by it will do the trick for you. crest has and alcohol free mouthwash if you do not close to the burning sensation that listerine gives. you can also use perform wich is a flouride mouth wash also. other use a toothpaste that has be ADA approved, same with a mouth dust. the product will always hold the blue and white symbol on the packaging somehwere. if you tend to hold dry mouth then you should other keep a bottle of hose down around that has the flouride surrounded by it to keep the mouth moist which will keep hold of the acids and bacteria within your mouth neutralized.
I'd recommend Listerine as long as you don't suffer from dry mouth. It's a great over-the-counter antibacterial mouthrinse.
Most dentists prefer alcohol-free moutwash. I believe Crest make one.

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