Braces Pain?

I know its normal to grasp pain for the first few days after you attain them on but does anyone know if there is any drink or somthing save for pills that will help? Anything that have helped you though those days? I also enjoy I bite plate. Anything to help near that? I am currently taking ibprofin (over the counter pain reliver) but it doesn't appear to be working?

Aww poor you I know what you're going through I had braces twinge for awhile after each time my braces be tightened! I used to get a hot dampen bottle & put it across my face which help but don't fill it too much coz you don't want it to be too brawny which will hurt your face even more! Also try not to chomp through realy chewy foods coz I found out that they make it hurt even more approaching bread & stuff! Hope this helps & you consistency a bit better soon x x x x x x
when i got them i feel pressure and pain for a few days, u merely have to live next to it, in just about a week theyll feel chunk of your teeth, ive had them for 3 years and they werent fun
They'll stop hurting within a few days, mine used to feel really tight after I'd own them fixed.. The dentist told me not to press my teeth together to get rid of the throbbing, but it actually works.
i 'll get hold of braces,it might have alot of affliction
try holding a mouthful of cold water contained by your mouth for several minuets i found this really helped when i get my braces first put on, as for the bite plate im sorry i don't know i don't have to own one so i cant really help you.
Don't hold a bite plate, but heard they can be awful. Keep hydrated (PURE WATER!), the drier your mouth is the more hurting it's going to be.

Also salt marine rinses can have (a tablespoon of saline in a mundane cup of water) a nice soothing effect.
umm..what helps me is the wax that they administer u and motrin
you poor thing, i remember the agony of braces completely well, appropriate paracetamol to help next to the pain, guzzle soft foods and cold drinks not hot, hot drinks seemed to put together it worse, When i had them my sinful step mother wouldnt give me distress relief and i be in agony, i will never forget that!

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