Is polishing the vertebrae of a tooth out of danger to do?

My dentist told me he could polish two of my front teeth so that they won't be striking my bottom teeth when I bite down. But is this a safe entry to do? SHould I let him do it? Please support. Thank you!

Answers:    If there is ANY casual he can "polish" through the enamel and into the dentin, the answer is NO, do not let him!

He boldly used the word "polish" because it sounds nice. He is actually going to use any his slow-speed or high-speed drill with a polishing bur.

Filing bad a thin veil of enamel might not solve the problem because it does NOT take into consideration that your bite is not STATIC. That is, you do not bite precisely impossible to tell apart way every time!

I yearning I knew how frail you are because I would want to know how long your teeth have be "striking" your bottom teeth. Is this a recent occurrence? Have the teeth shifted? Is at hand bone loss that is cause the shifting? Has he fitted you with ill-fitting restorations or crowns and is compensating by file other teeth? Your situation can be more complicated than meets the eye. Without seeing you, any answer I provide can be rotten of the mark.

Is in that any chance you can humanely realign any teeth with a retainer?

Personally, I would not allow the "polishing". We lose adequate enamel as we age. Deliberately reducing it, for me, is not an option.

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