Braces varying my lip?

Hi iv had braces for almost 4 months now and i own noticed that my upper lip have started to change shape i can very soon see my 2 front teeth and part of the brace when i relax my mouth whereas previously my lips be shut. is this normal will it move about once my braces are off. Iv get braces for another 3 years how bad can it attain cos theres this person at arts school whos got braces too and his lip is really discouraging his mouths like a triangle will mine catch like this im i bit worried.

when i have braces, me lips stuck out more
everyone else i know that has/had braces is alike.
lips walk back to average when they're off
it will probably merely make your jaws fall stale
I have braces in a minute, and your teeth are probably just moving around so it make it look like your maw are sticking out. When you go to your subsequent appointment, ask the orthodontist to reassure you.

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